Storyteller | Copywriter | Artisanal Message Maker | Purveyor of Passion | Dog lover | Wine drinker | Pixie dust sneezer | Budding vegetarian with a crush on Anthony Bourdain.

about the author | I yam Amy, a transplanted Midwestern girl and reformed prawn star sharing medi-okra tales of vegetarian life in the south. I’ve come to turnip the volume and rock the beet.

Between the hours of 8 and 5, I am the Lead Copywriter at Brains on Fire. As a writer and wordologist, I have have the opportunity to craft messaging for clients in a wide breadth of industries including education, DIY, fashion and beauty, government and public health. My work can be found everywhere from websites to billboards, brochures to bumper stickers. I’ll know I’ve really made it when I can add “food truck” to this list.

about this blog | Tales from a born-again vegetarian. Sometimes written under the influence of prosecco. Always sprinkled with pixie dust. Occasionally focused on my ever-increasing crush on Anthony Bourdain. I talk about food, design life, love and anything else that tickles my fancy.

connect | You can find me blogging about marketing at Brains on Fire
You can hold brief conversations of 140 char or less with me @nomeatballs
You can see my pretty, pretty pictures here
Anything else you want to know? or revegofthenerd[at]


As you can see above, I am employed by a marketing agency. This is a personal blog, but for the sake of transparency, please be aware that from time to time you may see me reference/promote/interact with our clients, their online communities, sites or services via this blog, Facebook or Twitter. For a list of Brains on Fire clients, please visit our site.

…are my own (who else would they belong to?) The opinions, thoughts and commentary in this blog do not reflect those of my employer, our clients or anyone else on planet earth.

6 thoughts on “Author

  1. You have a great blog Amy! Everything is very well put together! Simple, but very interesting. Your story was amazing! Keep up the great work!

  2. sublime cette tenue!

  3. […] you so much Amy, for the nostalgic memory contest you held on your Blog (see link here) this week, which I was […]

  4. Rufina says:

    Hi Amy,
    I admire your blog and this is my shout-out to you! Cheers.

  5. Shirsha says:

    Hi Amy, I enjoy reading your posts. I have nominated your blog for the One Lovely Blog award. You can see further details at:

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